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10 Things Every High School Student Needs To Know

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Being in high school, especially an upperclassman, you think you know everything. Trust me; I was the exact same way.  However, now that I am almost done with college, if I could go back and tell my high school self anything, it would be these 10 important messages:

  1. People change, and that’s okay!
    Just because you are friends with someone now, does not mean you will be friends with them 5 years (or even 5 weeks) down the road. That’s just life.  As you grow up, you change and so do the people around you.  Someone who you may have had a compatible personality with in 7th grade, may not be the same in 10th.  Be happy you were able to be so close with them at one point in your life, be appreciative for all the good times you had with them, and move on.
  2. You probably won’t marry your current boyfriend or girlfriend, so don’t choose your future based off of them.
    Choose the college that fits YOU best. Do not stay in a certain state just to stay close to your boyfriend or girlfriend.  Could you marry your high school boyfriend or girlfriend? Although the chances of that happening are unlikely, if it’s meant to be it will happen.  Don’t sacrifice your hopes, dreams, wants or needs just to be close to your current significant other.
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  4. Becoming friends with people outside of your friend group is important.
    Don’t be one of those cliquey girls who stay with one group exclusively. Be that person who branches out and gives everyone a chance. You never know who you will find.
  5. Life only gets better after high school.
    If you are in a tough place right now, know that you are not alone. High school can be a really rough experience for a lot of people, but know there is life after high school, and it is amazing.  In the meantime, try to surround yourself with great people, get involved in sports, and try to enjoy your time in high school as much as you can.
  6. High school sports are everything.
    Don’t take them for granted. Even if you decide to play a sport in college, it isn’t the same.  The high school spirit of everyone going to a football game on a Friday night or a basketball game on a Saturday is something you will never experience again (unless of course you are amazing and playing at a huge D1 school in college).
  7. If you don’t get into your dream college, everything will still be okay!
    There are thousands of colleges in the world, so chances are there is more than one that will work for you. But if you are dead set on one school, then you can always transfer there! Wherever you end up as long as you meet great people, get involved, work hard and have internships, then you will be more than okay in the post grad life.
  8. Popularity isn’t everything.
    So you aren’t friends with the jerk jock in your school? Maybe you weren’t asked to prom by the hottest guy?  It is okay.  Chances are, the hot stud at your high school is in his prime right now and will age so terribly that he’ll be balding by the time he’s 25.
  9. Finals suck, and they don’t get easier as you get older, but you will always figure out ways to get through them.
    Stressing about them won’t make them go away. Just take each final on one at a time, study as much as you can, but remember to sleep.  Your health is most important.
  10. Whether you hate or love high school, it will always be a part of you and help shape who you become.  Make the best of your experience. 

High school can be a tough time for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be!  The time will come when you are out of college and have a job that you will be wishing you could go back and do it all over.  Just remember to make the most of your time there and most importantly, HAVE FUN and don’t take yourself too seriously.