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Spring Break & Grad Trip Group Organizers | Final Payment Checklist

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As most travelers already know, December 15th is a very important (if not, the MOST important) day for all GradCity Spring Break travelers: FINAL PAYMENT.

Throughout the course of the year, whether you paid in full or set up your account on one of our monthly or flex-pay payment plans, you (and/or your parents) have been slowly paying off your Spring Break trip.

On December 15th, all accounts will be reviewed by our internal operations team. Any accounts that are not up to date will be fully-cancelled and your spot will be considered “open” in our system. This means anyone new who is signing up has the opportunity to take your place in the system and you will run the risk of losing your spot on the trip, along with payments you have made, as the trip is fully non-refundable past December 15th.

We highly encourage all travelers to review our cancelation and refund policies, which can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

As a GradCity Group Organizer, one of your responsibilities is to inform the travelers within your group of this important deadline and make sure everyone is up to date with their payments.

Here is a brief checklist that you can use to ensure smooth-sailing through final payment time:

1)  Rooming List – Your account coordinator will reach out to you about submitting your rooming lists. This will be around late November/early December. Remember that pricing is based on 4-per room occupancy (or 3 per room, depending on hotel) and it is imperative to know who your roommates will be to determine how much you will owe for your final payment. Please email all lists to [email protected]

2)  Add Ons – Any student who still wishes to join the trip but, for some reason, has not signed up yet is still allowed to sign up, pending available space. Current pricing will apply.  Please coordinate this with our customer service department: [email protected] or 877-472-3248.

3)  Payment Extension – If for some reason anyone is unable to make their final payment by December 15th, GradCity offers a payment-extension plan. A $40 late-fee will be applied to the account and the customer will have until January 6th to pay off their trip in full, with a minimum of 70% of their trip total due by December 15th. Please coordinate this with our customer service department: [email protected] or 877-472-3248.

4)  Name Change – If you or anyone in your group can no longer attend the trip but there is a student who is interested in taking over this reservation, GradCity offers a “name change” option for a small fee. Please coordinate this with our customer service department: [email protected] or 877-472-3248.

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