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2016 GradCity Scholarship

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It’s that time of year when all of the seniors are getting their college applications filled out, getting recommendations from teachers sent to your top schools, and taking the dreaded SATs.  Writing multiple college essays, spending hours studying for the SATs and ACTs, and going on numerous campus tours while trying to maintain your regular school work, sports practices, and [most importantly] your social life is not an easy task.

And, where there are college applications, there are scholarship applications following closely behind.  When you are looking at a bill of nearly $200,000 for a four year degree from some schools, it is hard to imagine anyone who could afford that for one child; never mind multiple.  Scholarships, financial aid, and student loans are necessary for almost every student trying to get an education without offering their first born child as payment.  But the reality is financial aid is very hard to get, student loans are more than confusing for a high school senior who doesn’t even know what compound interest means, and applying for scholarships is a very time consuming process that more often than not yields no return.

No one actually wants to write that 500 word essay about something that makes them “stand out” from the thousands of other applicants just to maybe get the scholarship.  Do they even read every essay that comes through?  Probably not.

Our solution to this is creating the 2016 GradCity Scholarship.  We believe that scholarships should be easy, they should not be time consuming to apply for, and they should be available to everyone.  The 2016 GradCity Scholarship will award one lucky high school senior $1,000 to use towards college expenses.

  • WHO: One lucky high school senior
  • WHAT: $1,000 scholarship
  • WHEN: Winner chosen January 15, 2016 (random drawing)
  • WHY: The scholarship can be applied to college tuition, books, college visits, application fees, and pretty much anything else relating to the college process.
  • HOW: Enter your information on the next page.  No essays or long applications involved!

To enter to win the 2016 GradCity Scholarship, click here or on the button below and fill out your information!

Enter To Win My $1,000 College Scholarship TODAY!