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6 Tips For Getting Through Airport Security

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For some of you, your GradCity trip may be your first time traveling. Whether you are a savvy traveler or a newbie, here are some tips for help you get through the TSA check-in process with ease.

1. Have our boarding pass and I.D. accessible and ready 

Before you get to the TSA counter, make sure you have your ticket and appropriate form of identification ready. Don’t put it away in your luggage or purse; this will hold up the line and delay your process. Also note- traveling internationally requires you to have a valid passport.

2. Dress appropriately

Make sure you wear shoes that are easily removable. You will need to take your shoes off and put them in a bin to go through the scanner. You might want to avoid wearing belts, jewelry, or anything with excessive metal pieces, as these must be removed and placed in a bin as well.

3. Know the restrictions for checked luggage and carry on items.

Before packing your checked bag and/or carry on item, be sure to review the TSA Prohibited Items list to guarantee your bags will clear security. When it comes to liquids, TSA has a 3-1-1 rule. This means all liquids, gels and aerosols must be in 3.4 oz bottles, in a 1 quart clear, zip-top bag to hold all small bottles, and only 1 bag per person.

4. Electronics

If you are traveling with a laptop, tablet, and/or iPad, you must take it out and place it in its own bin. Any gaming or recording devices also must be removed from your bag and placed in a separate bin.

5. Give yourself enough time to get through

GradCity advises to arrive 2.5 hours before your flight departure to give you ample time to get through security and not risk missing your flight. If you travel often and want to speed up the check in process, we recommend enrolling in TSA Pre®.

6. Be mindful of other travelers and TSA workers

Everyone has to go through TSA, so don’t be rude to other travelers or the TSA workers. Patience is key to making it through security flawlessly.

For additional information on the TSA check-in process, including travel tips, a travel checklist, and TSA FAQs, visit the official TSA.