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6 Tips For Traveling on Your GradCity Trip

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You have enough to worry about during your senior year of high school. Don’t worry about all the nitty gritty details of what you need to know for your senior trip. Here is a list of six important travel tips for your GradCity senior trip!

1. Have a valid passport

Make sure it is updated per the rules of the country (ie: expiration date falls in line with their guidelines) Also, make copies of your passport for identification and leave the real thing in your safe. No one wants to lose their passport and waste a day at the American Consulate getting a new one.


2. Do your homework

Research your destination and hotel. Is the water okay to drink? Are there any excursions you would like to book at the hotel?


If you are traveling to a tropical location, the sun is extremely strong and no one wants to spend their spring break indoors after getting a bad sunburn


4. Communication

Answer your parents when they text/call you. You will have a much better time without them sending constant worrisome texts.textingmeme.jpg

5. Phones

Make sure you talk to your cell phone provider before leaving on your trip! No one wants to come home with an enormous cell phone bill.

6. Follow the GradCity rules!

They are there for your safety and well-being!

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