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7 Must Have Hairstyles for Prom 2014

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Some of you girls might be torn about what on earth you’re going to do with your hair for Prom Night.  Well, relax ladies because we’ve got seven of the hottest hairstyles for the big night. Check them out!

1. Double-Knotted Updoe

 This messy-sleek look is good for a one-shoulder or high neckline dress.  Tip: For a romantic detail- add a sparkly or floral clip that sticks out of each bun.


2. Glam Braid

This fun, flirty look will go well with any prom dress.


3. Woven Braid

This hair style will go well if you’re going for a more relaxed look. 


4. Loose Pony Tail

This touseled curls look will have you looking like you’re straight from the red carpet.


5. Glam Curls

This vintage look is a sure fire win on Prom Night. 


6.Rolled ‘Do

Easy, fun, and sophisticated.  All you need for the perfect look!


7.Half Knot

A simple. sleek, chic look perfect with any dress.


There you have it!  Bring these ideas to your hair stylist or click the link below and try it out yourself.

Courtesy of: Seventeen