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Best Free Apps to Have on Spring Break

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You won’t want to be without these apps during your April Vacation or grad trip.  Here is a list of essential apps, whether you’re kickin’ it by the pool or out on the town looking for something to do.  


Perfect way to kick back and relax on the beach with your favorite music playing in the background.


This app lists all the cool locations like clubs, bars, restaurants or other great places to see based on your current location and reviews.

WhatsApp Messenger

This app is awesome for keeping in touch with friends and family while on your trip! It’s BBM for any mobile device and only uses WIFI so it’s free! This means there will be no ridiculous data roaming charges.


Lets you keep track of the exchange rates! While the Bahamian dollar is about the same equivalency to the American dollar, this app is beneficial to our students traveling to Mexico.

The Weather Channel

This is an absolute critical app to have so you can stay on top of the weekly weather and be aware of the UV index.

Beach Report Card

Get access to the best beaches according to your destination!


Everyone needs to have a good game app on their phone at all times, and this is the perfect one! QuizUp is the biggest trivia game in the world right now. You get to challenge friends and people around the world in trivia games.