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Debbie hanging out with parents in Rivera Maya

GradCity Loves Debbie

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If you’re planning on traveling with GradCity to Riviera Maya, odds are you’ll run into Debbie. Debbie is great, everyone loves, Debbie. She’s energetic, the life of the party, top of the organization game, and very maternal. Not only is Debbie maternal with everyone at StudentCity, she is very maternal about GradCity’s Riviera Maya Program. That program is HER baby. She ensures that the High Schoolers enjoy their time, are safe, and constantly have things to do.

Although Debbie is constantly, super busy, I was able  to ask her a few questions about her/her programs to Riviera Maya for High School Students celebrating Graduation!

  • How long have you been working at GradCity?Debbie overlooking the high school students in the ocean

    I believe around 5 years, but traveling with GradCity since 2010.


  • What is your favorite part about working for GradCity?

    At GradCity, everyone has a voice.  Each year we all come together and recap our travel season, striving to make the next year bigger and better as a team. The company as a whole always works on improving every aspect. They truly care about each travelers personal experience. That is very important to me. Gotta love checking out new destinations, as well LOL.


  • What’s your favorite thing about Riviera Maya?

    Riviera May is an amazing destination for both Students and Parents. The All Inclusive resorts offer so many different acttivities, dinining options, as well as lodging options. Parents find time to have fun with their Students and Students find time to have “Spring Break” fun all while staying on the resort together. Can’t forget to mention that the resorts in Maya are spectacular!!


  • Did you ever go on Spring Break when you were on College or High School? If so, where to? If not, where would you like to have gone to?

    In High School and College I went to Fort Lauderdale every year. At that time, Mexico was known more as a Honeymoon spot.  Bahamas was always a place I wanted to go.


  • What makes this Riviera Maya trip different from the other GradCity trips?

    The destination is definitely more family driven. The resorts are huge, private, beautiful, and there is so much to do. There are also many great excursions in the area as well, again, making it more family driven.


  •  Your trips require travelers to have a parent with them, how do you feel the parent/student dynamics are? 

    Actually, I think the students end up loving the fact that the parents are on board! Let’s face it, most of the time parents are paying for these trips. Why shouldn’t they enjoy themselves and their children’s graduation too???


  • Could you describe what a typical day would be like for a student and their family in Riviera Maya?

    A typical day for a family…Wake up, have breakfast together, parents hang at the Beautiful Palace Pools or amazing beach, the students take off for the Tropical Pool where music and Spring Break Events are happening….After 4 hours or so, they are exhausted and head to their room for a nap.  That turns into Parent Happy hour by the pool.  Parents and Students dress up and meet for dinner around 8 PM at one of the many dining options.  In the evenings students head to the clubs on site or one of the GradCity Nightly Events.  Parents gather either at the shows or on site bars. Go to bed and day starts all over.  If you want to spend the day as a family (usually by the 4th day students are ready for a break)….There is a ton to do on site such as a water park, dolphin quest, amazing water sports center, state of the art gym and spa, shopping and so much more.  Families also book off site day excursion together such as zip lining, go to see the Maya Ruins, boat trip, 4 wheeling, you name it!!!!  Not only are you creating great memories with your friends, you also have amazing memories with your parents!!!  I love that 🙂


  • StudentCity loves to do fun things out of the office (holiday parties, fam trips). What is your favorite memory working at StudentCity, off the clock?

    Gosh, there are so many!!! Our fam trip to Louisiana was pretty amazing…


Wellp, you heard it from the Queen of Riviera Maya herself why this destination is ideal for you, your family, and friends! If you’re interested in seeing Debbie’s work first hand, click below on the link for more information on this amazing trip!


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