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Destination Highlight: Nassau, Bahamas

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Home to the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean with white sands and crystal blue waters, Nassau is one of the top destinations for high school Spring Break and Graduation Trips with GradCity. With vibrant nightlife and laid back daytime events, the capital city of the Bahamas is a can’t-miss spot for Grad Trips.  There are so many reasons why Nassau is one of our personal favorite spots for Senior Trips.  Although it was tough, we narrowed down the top reasons why Nassau is the perfect place for your 2016 high school Spring Break or Grad Trip.  Check them out below!

  • TRAVEL CONVENIENCE: As you may or may not already know, Nassau is one of the islands of the Bahamas and is just a short plane ride from Florida’s coast.  Although this is an international destination, and you WILL need a passport to travel here, you will find that there are not many cultural barriers on the island.  Nassau is an English speaking province and there is no exchange rate – Bahamian currency has a 1:1 exchange rate with American currency!
  • BEST BEACHES: We get it, your high school Spring Break or Grad Trip is for you to celebrate your senior year with your friends and get that last hoo-rah with everyone before going off to college.  Realistically, you would probably be happy spending a week anywhere, but who wouldn’t want to spend that week in a destination that has some of the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen?  Nassau’s crystal clear blue water and soft white sand make their beaches the perfect place for our day events; they are breathtaking.
  • GRADCITY STAFF: As if that made traveling to Nassau easy enough, your GradCity Travel Specialist and our GradCity on-site staff will be there will you every step of the way.  We take care of everything!  Your GradCity Travel Specialist will help you plan your trip, organize meetings with your group, answer any questions from you, your group, or your parents, and help you get everyone on board for your high school Spring Break or Grad Trip!  Once you get to Nassau, our 24-hour onsite staff will be at the hotel, at all of our day and night events, and there to help with anything you may need while on your trip.
  • STUDENT-FRIENDLY HOTELS: Nassau has an array of hotel options, both standard and all-inclusive, that satisfy the needs of all travelers.  We offer student-friendly hotels, as well as elite options fit for luxury.  When you stay at our headquarters hotel, Superclubs Breezes, you will get the full experience with all-inclusive food and drinks, GradCity day parties, and nightly entertainment from the hotel’s animation team.
  • EXCLUSIVE GRADCITY EVENTS: When you travel with GradCity, you are guaranteeing that you will have access to the best day and night events on the island.  Your Spring Break or Grad Trip will be filled with day events at our headquarters hotel and themed night events EVERY NIGHT that you will only be able to go to if you are traveling with us.  And no one wants to go on their senior trip and not be able to get into all of the coolest parties …

From the minute you step off the plane in Nassau until the day you get back on the plane to go home, we guarantee that you will have the best week of your life!  To get more info on your Nassau Spring Break or Grad Trip, click here or on the button below!  Your GradCity Travel Specialist will get you all of the info you need to start planning your trip!

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