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Do better Netflix

Do better, Netflix

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I’ve been an avid Netflix user from the beginning… you know, when an unlimited amount of users could have your login info and not be kicked off mid-show… the good o’le days. I’ve also enjoyed watching Netflix grow by introducing their own television shows and movies, I mean come on…who didn’t love, Making a Murderer or Stranger Things.

*Actually not the beginning. Fun Fact: Netflix has been around since 1997…that’s a year before Google was founded*


Netflix is simply genius, except when it’s not…and it has been,

‘not genius’ more than once.


Netflix is a convenient place where to binge watch all your favorite shows, movies, and documentaries without judgement. Or that’s what they WANTED you to think before… “Are You Still There?”. I think the world has come to a conclusion that this is just a horrible idea. There are so many feelings when this pops up on your screen:


  • Yes obviously I’m still here.. the show was JUST getting good!


  • OOH oops, it’s 2AM…maybe I should go to bed… NAH just one more!


  • Food break!Everybody loves Netflix


  • Didn’t they just ask me this a second ago?


  • Hellloo… can’t you see my reflection in the TV/computer?


  • I don’t have a life.. soo what else would I be doing?


  • I wonder what my friends did today….


  • Yeah yeah yeah…. thanks for reminding me I don’t have a life.


  • STOP JUDGING ME AND LET ME LIVE!House left Netflix and I cried


Another no-no of Netflix?  They have the nerve to TAKE AWAY shows/movies every month….excuse me.. what??

Attempting to watch House, MD, was where my Netflix watching days took a turn for the worse and the reality of them taking away shows hit me hard. It became personal.

I was just getting into that ‘addiction’ stage. My life literally revolved around the witty, very pretty, and very sarcastic doctor. I woke up a rainy Saturday morning and knew it would be a full day of House M.D…. to find that I COULD NOT FIND IT! I was frantic. This is when reality hit me…Netflix actually means business when they say they take away shows. This has never happened to me before…so now with evertyhihng I am very careful when choosing shows. I have to do my research to see if they’ll get the short end of the stick that month….(However, with the departing of shows comes new ones…. which is nice).

So thanks Netflix for being great…. But also thanks for not only making me feel bad for my life choices, and for making me do homework and plan how I binge my shows….


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