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FAQ: What are the BEST Spring Break Destinations?

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FAQ_Best_Destinations-1Here in the GradCity office, we get a lot of questions.  One of the most common questions we get comes from students asking us what the best destination is for their Spring Break or Grad Trip.  While choosing a destination for your trip might seem as easy as closing your eyes, pointing to somewhere in the Caribbean, and hopping on a plane, there is much more that SHOULD go into the decision.

There are a couple basic questions that you should be asking yourself and your group before deciding where your Spring Break or Grad Trip will be.

  • Do I want to fly or drive to my destination?
  • Do I want to go to an international destination or stay in the country?
  • How much do I want to spend on my trip?
  • Do I want to go on Spring Break or do I want to go on a Grad Trip after graduation?

Have you thought about them? Alright, perfect.  Now we can actually talk about the destinations.  When traveling with GradCity, there are three top destinations for trips and chances are you are going to pick one of the three.  What makes each destination better than the next you ask?  Every destination has something different to offer!


NASSAU, BAHAMAS: This destination is paradise.  The minute you step off the place you are greeted by warm air, smiling faces, aromas of blooming flowers, and friendly people all around you.  There are a couple events included with the Nassau trip that will leave you not wanting it to ever end.

  • Day Cruise to Sandy Toes – you get to take a short cruise over to a PRIVATE ISLAND where you will spend the day basking in the sun, dancing with your friends, and playing in the ocean.  If you’re lucky you might even see a peacock!
  • Sunset Cruise – hop aboard a ferry turned party boat to dance the night away while watching the sunset behind the most beautiful ocean you have ever seen.
  • GradCity Exclusive Events – there will be exclusive events during the day and into the night for GradCity travelers only.  Be sure to travel with us so you don’t miss out!



CANCUN, MEXICO: Mexico is known for being a beautiful vacation spot, and an even better Spring Break spot.  The beaches are nothing but white sand and crystal clear blue waters.  The nightlife is amazing, and the weather is almost always perfect. There is also a couple extras that you can participate in that will make for a memorable trip.

  • Daytime Snorkel Adventure – See amazing Mayan ruins from the deck of this floating reef club.  There is a DJ on the first floor of the boat and a more relaxing atmosphere on the upper levels.  Whether you are dancing, watching the sites, or snorkeling on a coral reef, you will be sure to have a great time.
  • Xel-Ha – although this is not included in the Cancun trip, it is worth every bit to spend a day exploring.  Snorkel, swim with dolphins, try scuba diving, and so much more are offered here.
  • Sunset Party Cruise – Just like Nassau, Cancun offers an amazing night time cruise where you can watch the sunset while sailing over the beautiful waters in the Gulf of Mexico and dancing the night away with your best friends.
  • Nightlife – the nightlife in Cancun is unparalleled.  The clubs here are some of the best and you will not forget the nights spent here will all of your high school best friends.
  • Exclusive GradCity Events – Cancun, along with Nassau and PCB, offer exclusive nightly themed events that only GradCity travelers can attend.  They are some of the best night events you’ll see during your trip so don’t miss out!

FAQ_Best_Destinations_3PANAMA CITY BEACH FLORIDA: PCB is the perfect destination if you are looking for something a little less expensive and want to stay in the country for your Spring Break for Grad Trip.  Located right at the top of Florida, PCB is easily accessible by car if you live in the southern states.   On top of the convenience of driving, you don’t even need a passport to go here! Check out why Panama City Beach Spring Break is a great choice!

  • Something for Everyone – PCB has many different clubs which makes it the most diverse location for nightlife.  You can go to a casual beach bar or throw on a dress and heels (pray for your feet first) and spend the night dancing in an upscale club.
  • Day Events – the 27 mile beachfront of PCB offers plenty of opportunities to have a blast during the day.  It is the perfect place for day events and concerts!
  • Exclusive GradCity Events – During your Spring Break or Grad Trip there will be nightly themed events that are exclusive to GradCity travelers.  If you don’t travel with us, you’ll be missing out on some of the best night events during Spring Break and Grad Trips.

Do any of these destinations sound like the place that you want to spend your Spring Break or Grad Trip?  If so, then you are in good hands.  We make planning your trip easy – all you have to do is contact us!

If you would like more information on Spring Break or a Grad Trip, click here or on the button below and one of our travel specialists will help you get started!

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