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FAQ: What is the Difference Between a Spring Break and a Grad Trip?

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Here at GradCity we are committed to providing “the ultimate travel experience”. We offer a variety of destinations that fall under different times during the spring and summer months. So, what are the major difference between a GradCity Spring Break trip and a Grad Trip?

Dates of Trip

The major difference between a Spring Break trip and a Grad Trip is the dates. The time of travel all depends on the school and when their Spring Break week or graduation date is. Our Spring Break programs typically run from mid-March all the way through April. These trips are set in stone to that particular week. Grad Trips will start in the middle of May and go through to the beginning of July. The dates of these trips are primarily 1-14 days after the school’s graduation date.


Certain destinations are offered for both GradCity trips, while others are only offered for one type of trip. Below is a list of our destinations and which trip(s) they fall under.

  • Cancun, Mexico- Spring & Summer
  • Nassau, Bahamas- Spring & Summer
  • Panama City Beach, FL- Spring & Summer
  • Riviera Maya, Mexico- Spring
  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic- Spring
  • Costa Rica- Summer


Certain schools in certain states have developed a traveling tradition through GradCity. Many New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts schools will typically go to Nassau. Michigan schools travel to Cancun and Riviera Maya in the spring primarily, while Louisiana has a huge following in Panama City Beach for Grad Trips. Don’t let this limit you and your friends though. GradCity will travel any amount of people to any destination of their choosing!

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