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FAQ: When Should I Start Planning My Spring Break or Grad Trip?

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When booking a Spring Break or Grad Trip, we like to say- the earlier the better. There are many benefits to start planning as early as spring of your Junior year. Here are some perks to getting started early.

  • Lowest rates possible- as time goes on, flight and hotel rates increase. Booking early guarantees the lowest rate.
  • More time to pay off your trip- the earlier you deposit, the more time you will have to pay it off before the final payment deadline (December 15th- Spring, February 15th- Summer). This means your final balance will be lower, or even paid off by deadline.
  • More time to recruit more friends- if you start your reservation in the spring, you have all summer and fall to tell your other friends about the amazing trip you’re going on.

So don’t wait up! There are nothing but good things that come along with booking early.

Get Started Booking My Spring Break/Grad Trip