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Get Ready For Summer!

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Summer is definitely the time and place to be having the time of your life while looking great. Am I right? This is your year to have those!  Follow these 5 steps and you’re sure to take full advantage of summer and look good while doing it!

1)      Go tanning! 


Just a few times will do the trick, but you want a nice sun-kissed base coat to prepare your skin before the harsh sun comes in!

2)      Hit the gym! 


It always makes you feel better.  You may be dreading getting up and going to work out, but you’ll never regret it once you’re done! You’ll feel better about yourself and look better in no time if you’re consistent!

3)      Treat yourself to some new clothes! 

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You always feel your best when you go out in an outfit you are confident in. And of course you’re going to look your best in new clothes so take a trip to the mall and do some bargain shopping!

4)      Make time for yourself and friends! 


The excuse comes up all too often- “I can’t I have work.”  Be sure to take some time off, focus on yourself, do the things you want, and have fun!

5)      Create a Summer Bucket List! 


Write down on a piece of paper or in your notes all the things you want to do before summer ends and do your best to get all those things done!  You will feel accomplished and happy to know that you had an eventful summer doing things you enjoyed instead of sitting around!