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GradCity 2017 ScholarTrip Finalist Essay – Danielle Settle, St. Mary’s High School

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GradCity customers traveling on either a 2017 high school spring break or summer graduation trip were asked to participate in the GradCity ScholarTrip contest to win the grand prize of going on their trip for free! Travelers answered the question, “why is it important for high school students to travel and experience the world?” We invite you to read the following essay from finalist Danielle Settle from St. Mary’s High School in Louisiana. To support Danielle, click here to visit this post on Facebook and like/share the post to help her earn points!

Some may not think much about how important travel is for high school students. Most people simply assume that it is only for pleasure, but travel is way more than that. At our age it is about experiencing this amazing world we live in and becoming educated on how it works.

A text book can only teach us so much about this world and travel makes all the text book ideas real and personal. These experiences with other cultures lead to inspiration for high school graduates. While we are young it is important to experience as much as we can and to live our lives to the fullest. While doing this, travel also helps high school graduates to develop better social skills and teaches us to keep an open mind. This is because high school graduates are the people who will soon go into our world and change it. The more experienced high school graduates are on different cultures, how they live, and how everyone is different, the greater the chance at becoming successful.

Travel is also an important part of teaching high school graduates to be adventurous and to experience new things. Some graduates live a closed and sheltered life but traveling the world will help them to see all the things out there that they never imagined. Doing theses new things will broaden their imagination and teach them not to fear the unknown, but to open to it. Traveling will also teach graduates not to be scared of what bad may happen, instead take risks, and learn from their mistakes.

Lastly, it is important for high school students to travel while we are young because later in life we will obtain many responsibilities. When we get older our priorities will change with starting families and paying bills. Also, if we travel while we are young we can teach our kids about it and be open to letting them travel as well. If we do not travel while we are young, eventually our health will prevent us from traveling the way we would like too.

In the end, pleasure is only a small part of why travel is important for high school students. To answer your question, travel is important for graduates because it develops them into educated, inspired, and open minded adults.