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GradCity 2017 ScholarTrip Finalist Essay – Dominic Lucchi, Romeo High School

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GradCity customers traveling on either a 2017 high school spring break or summer graduation trip were asked to participate in the GradCity ScholarTrip contest to win the grand prize of going on their trip for free! Travelers answered the question, “why is it important for high school students to travel and experience the world?” We invite you to read the following essay from finalist Dominic Lucchi from Romeo High School in Michigan. To support Dominic, click here to visit this post on Facebook and like/share the post to help him earn points!

Why We Need to Travel

As a student it is important to understand the world beyond their familiar surroundings. A perfect way to experience the world is to travel to new and exciting places and experience it first hand. Some people may prefer the dullness of their own homes, but for others traveling holds the key to unlocking and understanding the world. Traveling to other countries not only offers breathtaking sights, but also exposes the tourist to diverse cultures and helps to broaden one’s understanding of the human condition.

The world contains more than seven billion people who live in cultures and societies that are very different than our own. Experiencing the diverse cultures of the world allows the student traveler to meet people who are different, yet who are the same as they are. If a student can be exposed to a variety of cultures then their outlook on how people live can change from a view limited by their own life experiences to one that is broader and more inclusive. Traveling can potentially result in an expansion of a student’s cultural understanding. I have been lucky enough to travel and experience an educational immersion of foreign cultures. Over the summer, I traveled to St Gallen, Switzerland to stay with my grandfather. He showed me the town he lived in first hand. I accompanied him everyday; sometimes I went with him running daily errands, other times, we did adventurous things such as hiking in the Alps. The opportunity of spending time with my grandfather allowed me to see how everyday life in Switzerland is similar to my own, yet different. Visiting with my grandfather made me feel like I understood what it was like to be Swiss.

Another important aspect of travel for students is its ability to broaden the students’ understanding of the human condition. All inhabitants of earth are people who feel the same emotions, have the same desires and at their core want to be happy. The way people live varies throughout the world, but all people share these common attributes. Although people around the world speak different languages, live in different types of homes, and follow different religions, all humans are the same. For a student, being able to travel broadens their understanding of these aspects of the human condition. Through the experience of travel a student learns that everyone regardless of nationality are generally the same. Travel will help the student grow and change into a better person. The lessons learned through travel will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Through travel, students can be exposed to cultural variation as well as the ability to understand commonality of all humans. Travel can allow a student to grow and learn from these examples and bring what they have experienced back home with them. Travel is an important part of a student’s growth academically as well as a person.