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GradCity Group Organizer Benefits

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Plan a high school spring break or senior trip your friends will remember forever!


Are you looking to get the ultimate high school spring break or senior trip experience for the lowest cost possible? Become a GradCity Group Organizer! By becoming a group organizer, you can take advantage of exclusive incentives and earn awesome benefits. We count on thousands of students just like you to promote our trips at high schools all over the country.

Group Organizer Benefits:

  • The more people you travel with on your high school spring break or senior trip, the greater the discount you can earn!
  • Gain VIP status during your trip
  • Potentially travel for FREE*
  • Receive exclusive discounts for future college travel with StudentCity

How to become a successfull Group Organizer:

  • Meet with a GradCity Travel Specialist to get all the details about the trip you want to plan
  • Tell EVERYONE about your trip!
  • Form Facebook groups and create a buzz on social media
  • Hold a meeting with your Travel Specialist and potential travelers to answer all questions and address concerns
  • Provide parents of travelers with all tip information and give them your Travel Specialist’s contact information
  • Get everyone excited about their high school spring break or grad trip!

Remember: the more you get involved, the greater the benefits that you will receive.

Long-term benefits of being a GradCity Group Organizer:

  • Marketing, sales, and promotional experience – great for adding to college applications and future professional resume
  • Future career opportunities with GradCity or StudentCity – almost all of our Travel Specialists were once Group Organizers for their school! 
  • On-site staffing opporunities
  • Special incentives for referrals
  • Networking opportunities

Become A Group Organizer