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Parents listening to the Parent Program before starting to have fun

GradCity Parent Program

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Be Involved in Your Child’s High School Spring Break or Senior Trip

When traveling with GradCity, we cordially invite you to join our official GradCity Parent Program! Want to be close to your student but have the freedom to get away on your own? The Parent Program is the perfect opportunity to do both! When choosing the parent program, this allows you to choose the same travel package as your son or daughter, or you can purchase a separate one. We give you the option to choose whatever you please to insure you have the best trip!

So what’s included in the parent program?

  • Round-trip airfare to international destinations
  • Transportation to and from the airport to the hotel
  • An optional adult excursion package where you can meet and mingle with other GradCity parents at pre-organized events
  • The option to stay in the action with the students or enjoying our exclusive parent resort

The best part about traveling with our Parent Program is that you have options. Make it your very own vacation by staying in the parent resort separate from the students because you will be removed enough to enjoy your own vacation however you are close to your son/daughter! Enjoy a fun filled vacation for the whole family!

Not joining our Parent Program? No Problem!

GradCity provides your child with:

  • 1 staff member per 25 students; the highest ratio in the industry
  • 24-hour onsite professional staff
  • 24-hour onsite student center
  • Arrival assistance at the airport
  • Detailed Welcome Orientation to discuss the week’s activities, rules, and regulations
  • Emergency contact information – for both you and your student!
  • Scheduled day and night events and activities
  • Boards in hotel lobbies outlining daily activities
  • 24-hour onsite EMTs and medics
  • Student meal plans
  • Departure assistance at the end of the trip

Our online Parent Center is designed to provide all information you need before, during, and after your son or daughter’s GradCity high school spring break or senior trip. 

Visit Online Parent Center