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First Semester Senior Year Tips

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You have made it to your Senior Year of High School! You have so many fun and exciting things ahead of you this coming year and beyond! Although this is a year to create amazing memories, don’t forget the importance of first semester. The first four months of senior year will set the scene for how your second semester goes (the more fun semester), and more importantly your future. You don’t want to mess anything up that will interfere with getting into your dream college and earning that degree. That is exactly why we are sharing with you our expertise on how to master your first semester of senior year like a champ.

Organization is key

The grades you earn throughout your FULL senior year may not matter to you, but it matters to colleges. I’ve heard horror stories of students getting senioritis early on in the first semester, their grades slipped drastically, and they didn’t get accepted into their top school. Or worse, their acceptance was revoked. IT HAPPENS, PEOPLE. Stay organized because teachers will not let up on the homework this semester. Even with the added work of College Applications.


Teachers want you to succeed, (your success is their success) that is why syllabus’s were invented! They are to help balance school work comfortably into your  busy lives. Seeing the assignments for the semester ahead can help you organize and create a plan of how you will stay on tip of it all. Slipping up and missing one assignment turns into a snowball effect that you don’t need. So, take a look at the syllabus and don’t just throw it in your backpack. This paper should be like gold to you your senior year, especially since you will have the added work of college applications on your plate!


Get a planner… and actually use it. Transfer the important information you need from your syllabus to your planner! Jot down every due date, every exam and meeting, every social outing, and your hour to hour plan of how you will get through your day. It is inevitable that this book will be your best friend this semester! We get it, sometimes it is hard to stay faithful to planners. However, if you write everything down, you are one step closer to feeling more organized and actually becoming an organized person. You will thank yourself (us) in the future.

                Extra Curricular Activities

You’ve heard talk about extra curricular activities, maybe you’ve even been president of a club since sophomore year. Who knows. However, extra curricular activities are important. If you jump on them late in the game.. that is okay in our book! As long as you have something to show you partook in social activities other than classes. Try joining clubs, sport teams, or volunteering for your favorite organization. These will not only help you get into college, they also  prepare you to try new things!

Utilize the help

One of the greatest aspects about school is the many useful resources available. USE THEM! Use the guidance concealer to ease your stress about classes, school work, and your future… English teacher’s actually want to review your college essay and give you feedback to make it that much better…and make the time to go see your teacher in the class you are struggling in and show you are putting in effort. Utilize the help now! School only gets tougher, the sooner you realize  teachers actually want you to succeed, the better off your grades will be. Not to mention…your confidence in the classroom will skyrocket.


College App Essay 

Probably one of the most important things to remember when going though your first semester of senior year, your College Application Essay. You can chose to write on a topic the application provided you, or you can chose your own topic. The topic you chose yourself should be personable, unique, and stand out to whoever reads it. You are going up against millions of other students, so you want your best writing to shine throughout this essay. Brainstorm different topics that have significance importance to you, whether it be a point in history, a moment in your life, something that has made you stronger as a person. The hardest thing about college essays is the word limit…. you only have 250–650 words… so make every word count! If you are passionate about what you are writing about… it can be challenging to have such a low word count limit.


Parents having fun on Spring Break

Make time for family and friends

Although it is hard to do at times, it is important to balance family and friend time. They may not be leaving your life for good, but going from seeing your favorites every day, to only texting will definitely be a challenge. Try to make a schedule this year that devotes time to your friends, outside of school, and your family. Grab your family and your closest friends and let us plan a graduation trip for you to celebrate your high school years!! We plan all of the logistics for you… so you’ll have time to work hard and enjoy your first semester of Senior Year!