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How To Get Your Parents On Board For Your 2018 Senior Trip

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When thinking about your Senior Trip, your parents’ approval is probably the first thing that’s on your mind. Whether you like it or not you’re still in High School so it’s probably, most likely your parents say if you go or not.  The idea of sending their high school senior to a different country alone can be very scary.  However, when you travel with GradCity your parent can rest easy knowing that their child will never actually be alone on their trip.

We have 24-hour staff in each of our destinations and pride ourselves heavily on having the highest staff to student ratio in the industry (about 1 staff to every 25 students). GradCity staff is readily available to assist all your needs…..night or day no matter how little or big the issue is. Our students and their safety is our number one concern..  Aside from this, there are many other reasons that GradCity is the perfect way to celebrate your high school years the right way…Get your parents on board for your Senior trip! Possibly get them to come with you!

If your parents are not 100% on board, be sure to tell them all the other reasons to trust GradCity:

  • GradCity has professional staff available 24/7 to ensure the teens’ safety. 


  • If at all necessary, parents can reach their child at any time through our GradCity staff! Just call our main office, and we can reach out to the staff on site to notify the student to give their parents a call.


  • GradCity staff holds an Orientation for the students upon arrival to the hotel giving them a run though of everything they need to know regarding safety, the hotel, and having fun.


  • We accompany our students from the time they arrive at the destination airport to the time they return to the destination airport.


  • GradCity staff wears bright red STAFF shirts, you really can’t miss us.


  • Each GradCity traveler is required to wear a wristband that identifies him/her with GradCity and allows our staff to assist all of our students.


  • Written on this wristband is the 24-hour emergency phone number in case any issues arise.


  • In case of a medical emergency, EMTs and other medical personnel are always present at all GradCity destinations.


  • The GradCity onsite staff stays at the same hotels as the students, allowing them to work directly with the hotel staff to ensure the students’ safety.


After telling your parents why they can trust GradCity, promise them that you will ALWAYS obey GradCity’s 10 BreakSmart Guidelines.  BreakSmart is specifically designed to educate students to make smart decisions before, during, and after their Spring Break experience.

Finally, if your parents are still unsure about the trip, tell them they can join in on the fun! Although each student will be safe and sound on their senior trip, some parents will still want to be there with their child … and that is fine!  GradCity offers a parent program that allows your mom or dad to choose the same travel package as you, or a separate but similar one.

This is another way your parents minds can be eased, by knowing that some parents will chose to join along!

If your parents are on board and you are ready to have the best week of your high school career, then it’s time to start planning your trip! Click the button below to learn more about GradCity and our top Senior Trip destinations.

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