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High school students in a night club

I Wish I knew Of GradCity In High School

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When I look back on my years in High School, I realized that not everything went according to plan. Honestly though, I can’t be the only one who needs a do-over button (whether it be in the classroom, on the soccer field, in awkward social situations….basically anything and everything). There were so many things I could have done that would have made my high school years THAT much more memorable.

High School Do-Over Button

I decided that GradCity has made the top of my list of things I wish I knew about in High School. Why? As ‘James Dean’ as it may sound, my senior year of college helped my whole college experience go from amazing to indescribable, and it all had to do with the Spring Break experience I had through StudentCity. I saw first hand the positive impact StudentCity had on my class to bring us together and connect us. I knew that if I had gone on a trip like this in High School I would have enjoyed my overall experience and felt more connected with my class… I definitely would have jumped on opportunity to plan a trip for my class.

High School on a Spring Break trip with their senior class

During my senior year of college my class went to Cancun, Mexico. To my surprise and everyone else’s, everyone clicked instantly. It didn’t matter that my flight sat me between two Nursing Majors I’ve never met before…I quickly forgot about the grudge I had against the football player who didn’t let me into his toga party (thanks again for helping me load my carry-on in the overhead compartment, Steve).

It didn’t even bother us that, in 2 months, we all would be parting ways and probably never seeing each other again until the reunion. The only thing we had on our mind was that we were on our way to Cancun! We were so excited and all anticipated having the best week of our lives partying in paradise. We did BTW.

The trip had made us closer as a class. On my flight back I wasn’t itching to sit with my ‘typical group of friends’ as I had branched out and others had too. Going back to school I stepped into a new reality. Aside from the fact I was at my tannest and ready to glow in my graduation dress I knew more faces around campus, was being introduced to new friends, and most importantly I felt more confident walking into the dining hall alone. Overall I felt like everything and everyone came together, perfectly.

Never Underestimate the Power of Travel

Never underestimate the power of travel to bring people close together. When you travel with others you connect on a different level, everyone is equal, everyone is experiencing something new, and everyone is exposing themselves. Hopefully I’m not alone in this when I say, High School was a weird, uncomfortable period of time. I only wish I knew about GradCity before. I believe a trip like this, where everyone steps out of reality for a little, could have done wonders to make that little chapter in our lives a little more bearable… and if it didn’t end up connecting us, like the StudentCity trip… hey! at least we would have gotten a trip to paradise out of it! If you want your 2018 graduating senior class to end with a BANG… Click the button below to learn more about GradCity and our top Senior Trip destinations.

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