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Nassau, Bahamas | Platinum City Pass VS. Gold City Pass

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Now that we’ve passed the final payment deadline for Spring Break, its time to start thinking about the optional excursion packages that GradCity offers. If you are traveling to Nassau, Bahamas this year, we offer two different packages – the Platinum City Pass and the Gold City Pass. Below are details about each offer, including which is best recommended based on your week of travel.

All packages can be added on via our online portal using your customer ID number and last name to log in.  We do recommend adding these packages to your account prior to your departure because they tend to sell out and the option to purchase them on-site is NOT guaranteed.

Platinum City Pass – April 12th week only – $190*


Every year, GradCity brings down big-name DJs and entertainers for an event that will be the highlight of your trip!


1) Sunset Cruise featuring a party cruise to Tiki Island, with music, dancing and more!

2) Sandy Toes Island Party Adventure featuring day-snorkeling at a private island, snorkel gear, an all-you-can-eat buffet lunch and more!

GradCity Gift Bag:

Fun swag, such as t-shirts, sunglasses, and more!

Gold City Pass – All weeks except April 12th week – $139*

Special Event:

Welcome Dinner Party at Senor Frogs – the most popular venue on the island!  GradCity is going to kick off your trip right with music and a dinner buffet.

– DJ & MC for music and entertainment

– Dancing, singing, conga lines

– Nonstop fun and the most perfect party atmosphere to start off your trip!


Graffiti Party Cruise – a two and a half hour cruise around Nassau Harbour on a double-decker boat. Dance the night away with one of our very own DJs, who will play your favorite music and run contests with free trip giveaways and other prizes. We supply everyone with a graffiti shirt and a marker so that you’re able to fill up each other’s shirts with hilarious sayings and drawings!

Sandy Toes Island Party Adventure – our most popular party and the favorite amongst high school students. Enjoy a 40-minute boat ride to Sandy Toes on Rose Island. Once you’ve docked, you’ll have the opportunity to swim in crystal blue waters and snorkel amongst the fish and explore the coral reefs. Sandy Toes is voted the #1 attraction in Nassau!

– Full lunch served

– Open patio to enjoy music

– Go explore the island or lay back and get that perfect tan/ relax on a hammock

GradCity Gift Bag:

Fun swag like t-shirts, sunglasses, and more!

Add Party Package


If you have any questions regarding GradCity party packages, or how to add one to your online account, email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 1-877-472-3248 during normal business hours. 

*Pricing subject to change