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Nassau Grad Trip Party Themes

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Your GradCity trip to Nassau, Bahamas is coming up quickly! Get ready for some of the most fun themed parties. Doesn’t matter which day you arrive to your destination, the themes will roll over. Everyone will get to join in for all the fun.

  • Welcome to the Jungle
    This one is open for your own interpretation. How WILD are you!?
  • The White Party
    This is our signature formal night on your GradCity trip, so ladies pack your favorite white cocktail dress and guys, dress to impress.
  • Stop Light Party
    Show off your relationship status…red if you’re taken, green if you’re single, and yellow if it’s complicated!
  • Bright & Tight
    This party is all about spandex and neon! Don’t forget to bring your favorite hats, sunglasses, and accessories for this one as well.

Now it’s time to go get all of our outfits together and ready for packing! We’ll see you soon in the Bahamas!