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Now Recruiting 2016 Group Organizers!

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Are you interested in going on the ultimate high school Spring Break or graduation trip for the lowest cost possible?  If you said yes, then look no further; GradCity can give you all of that if you become a Group Organizer!  By becoming a GradCity Group Organizer, you can earn amazing benefits and take advantage of tons of exclusive incentives.  Each year we count on students just like you to help us promote our trips at high schools all over the country, and you could join our team for 2016 Spring Break!


What you get for being a Group Organizer:

  • The more people you get to go on your High School Senior Grad Trip, the greater the discount you can earn!
  • Gain VIP status during your trip
  • Potentially travel for free*
  • Discounts on future trips when you go to college and travel with StudentCity

How to become a successful Group Organizer:

  • Meet with a GradCity Certified Travel Specialist to get the details of the trip you want to plan
  • Form a Promo Team to help you get everyone involved
  • Tell EVERYONE about your trip and hand out flyers at school
  • Create a Facebook group and create buzz about your trip on social media
  • Get everyone together and hold a meeting with your Travel Specialist to answer any questions and address all concerns
  • Provide parents of travelers with all trip information and provide them with your Travel Specialist’s contact information
  • Get everyone PUMPED about their high school grad trip

Remember; the more you get involved, the more benefits you will receive!

Long-term benefits of becoming a GradCity Group Organizer:

  • Marketing, sales, and promotional experience – great to add to your resume for college applications and future careers
  • Future career opportunities with GradCity or StudentCity – almost all of our Travel Specialists were once Promo Team Members for their school!
  • On-site staffing opportunities
  • Special incentives for referrals
  • Networking opportunities

If you are interested in planning the Ultimate Travel Experience for you and your buddies, just click the button below and get started today!

Become a Group Organizer!