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Let the Sea set you free

Our Favorite Pictures from GradCity 2017

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Each year GradCity gets the best professional photographer to document the travelers experience on both Spring Break and their Senior trips. They always do an amazing job and go over the top. I mean I know they are professional photographers, but actually capturing good/flattering pictures of students dancing, swimming, partying and being teenagers in their natural habitat is no walk in the park.

After going through these photos for our social media platforms (what seems like thousands of times), we’ve come across a few photos from Cancun and Nassau, Bahamas that we just can’t help but call our favorites!

Our 15 favorite pictures from GradCity 2017:


1. If you look close enough….

Photo from GradCity in Cancun

I mean come on… perfect bunny ear photo bomb…. hat’s off to this guy

Photo bomber found in Cancun


2. I’ve always heard prioritizing sleep is the best form of self love. I guess it still applies on Spring Break…?

Photographer captured kid falling asleep on a Hammock


3. However, you can never get a peaceful nap in public without your friends messing with you.

Friends wakes sleeping kid on Hammock up


4. So… uh… Can I be the Captain now?

Captured girl trying to sneak on board


5. Everything the light touches is Spring Break kingdom.

Checking out the SB crowd


6. Quality group picture of GradCity Students before entering Plazzo

GradCity students taking a group picture before entering the club


7. Come Mr. DJ won’t you turn the music up

The DJ got us feeling the music


8. Some of the best parties are foamy ones

Mandala Beach foam party for the win


9. But first… Lemmie FaceTime Danny and make him SUPER jealous he’s not on this trip

Taking pictures while in the club partying. Multitasking at its finest


10. Sometimes you have to go to extreme measures to make sure the lighting is just right for that perfect selfie

Have to make sure the lighting is perfect for the perfect selfie


11. Everybody loves the SWAG GradCity hats…. ATTACK!

students attacking the SWAG


12. I wanna go all night longer

Party all night longer


13. Which color will match my tan?

Student finding the perfect shade of Blue


14. Suns out tongues out

Girls having fun in Nassau Baha


15. We Love Spring Break!


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