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Packing 101: How to Pack for Your Upcoming Nassau Grad Trip

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With the Nassau Grad Trip happening in just a few short days, what to pack is a concern on everyone’s mind (especially the ladies!).  Having been on countless trips to all destinations, we wanted to offer a little advice on what to bring for your week long Nassau Grad Trip.

  • SUNSCREEN: Buying sunscreen will be more expensive once you arrive in Nassau, and trust me you are going to need it.  The sun in the Bahamas is strong and if you aren’t wearing any SPF chances are you are going to fry.  You don’t want to be that guy who burns the first day of the trip and is left inside hugging a bottle of aloe.
  • APPROPRIATE CLOTHING: Be sure to bring bathing suits and clothes for warm weather, but don’t over pack!  If you are like me, you will probably want to bring multiple outfits for each day – don’t!  You are going to be wearing a bathing suit all day and an outfit to go out in at night.  Other than that, you won’t need many other clothing options.
  • COPY OF YOUR PASSPORT: When you are going out at night, you are not going to want to carry your passport around.  Before you leave, make a photocopy of your passport.  This way you can put your passport in the safe at the hotel and bring the paper copy out with you at night.
  • DISPOSABLE WATER-PROOF CAMERA:  You are going to be in the pool and the ocean, and chances are you don’t want your phone to take a swim with you.  Disposable cameras are great for bringing out to the pool or on the beach so you don’t have to worry about ruining your phone.
  • ADVIL/IBUPROFEN: Although GradCity will have medics on site, they are not allowed to give you Advil if you happen to have a little too much fun one night.  Get a bottle at your local drug store before leaving for your trip and keep it handy in your luggage – you’ll thank us later.
  • COMFORTABLE SHOES: This one is for the ladies – bring shoes to go out in that you can keep on your feet all night.  The floors of the clubs are nothing that you want to be walking around barefoot on.

These are just a few of the necessities that we recommend you bring to make sure your Nassau Grad Trip is nothing short of amazing.  In the meantime, check out the photos and videos from past trips and get pumped for yours!

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