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Parent Post: Are Spring Break & Grad Trips a Good Idea?

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Here at GradCity, we know it can be a difficult decision letting your child go on a Spring Break or Grad Trip that is out of the state or out of the country. We understand your concerns as a parent and apply those concerns to our programs. This is all part of our mission to provide “the ultimate travel experience”. We have laid out some key components as to why a Spring Break or Grad Trip through GradCity is an amazing and safe experience.

Here are the more obvious reasons:

  • It is a last HOORAH for your child and their friends as they get ready to graduate.
  • Get to see some of the most beautiful beaches and scenery that our locations have to offer.
  • Travel to a destination they have never been to.
  • Have memories to last a lifetime.

While those are all great reasons, what about the safety and well-being of your child? That is where GradCity comes in:

  • GradCity for many years has been a top tour operator for high school travel. Our travel expertise is unlike any other.
  • We are able to accommodate large groups, whereas your online bookings will only allow maybe 10 people max.
  • Full on-site staff available 24 hours during your trip. We typically maintain a 25:1 traveler to staff ratio.
  • Our staff welcomes you at the airport with airport transfers if they were included in your original trip package.
  • Informative orientation at the beginning of your trip going over safety, rules and expectations for your week of travel.
  • All travelers receive a GradCity wristband with an emergency phone number that goes directly to an on-site staff member and is available 24 hours a day.
  • Our staff goes with the travelers to all GradCity events, ensuring fun and safety for all students.

There you have it. All great reasons to send your child on a Spring Break or Grad Trip. GradCity’s #1 priority is to make sure all students have a safe and fun trip. Our unique programs allow for you to let your child travel for a once in lifetime trip without the worry of their safety.

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