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Senior Graduation Trips | Nassau, Bahamas

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Nassau, Bahamas is a perfect location for a graduation trip! Celebrate the end of an era with your hometown buddies. Traveling to the Bahamas is easy! There are typically non-stop flights to the Bahamas from the U.S. so no need to stress about it. There are no language or currency barriers either! The Bahamas uses U.S. Dollars and speaks English. This island is absolute paradise with beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. GradCity offers ideal accommodations in the Bahamas with four different resorts to choose from.

pi_overviewNot only is Nassau great for the beauty, but it has the best hotels too! Starting off with GradCity’s Headquarters Hotel: Paradise Island Harbor Resort. The package for this resort starts at $1,399. This price includes a five night stay with four people in each room. It also includes the price for the room and airfare too. Paradise Island has its own private beach as well as pools to cool off in. This resort is all inclusive and offers fantastic service. There are daily activities and parties and nightly entertainment to keep you busy! Let’s not forget about the free WiFi offered at the resort as well!

breezesGradCity also offers the SuperClubs Breezes Bahamas Resort. This resort is a little bit more expensive at a price of $1,449. This starting price includes the super all-inclusive resort, airfare, and five nights at the hotel. This resort also has free WiFi. There are three people per room at this resort. The Breezes is located on Cable Beach. There are always fun activities and entertainment going on. There are three large pools to choose from, a Jacuzzi, a rock climbing wall, and much more!

atlantisOne of the most famous resorts that the Bahamas has to offer is the Atlantis Resort and Casino. This is a parent hotel (in other words a great hotel for parents to stay at if the come along). The starting price for this resort is $1,349 which includes amazing five star services, airfare, hotel, and a five night stay. This hotel has literally got it ALL! There are 11 pools, three beaches, a water park, marine exhibits, and much more. There are no meals or beverages included in the costs but not to worry because Atlantis has plenty of options for you! There are over 21 restaurants on the property and 19 different bars. You will never have a dull moment at the Atlantis Resort!

riuThe RIU Paradise Island resort is another parent hotel. The starting price for this resort is $1,949. This is an all-inclusive resort. There is an onsite spa that is available to guests. Airfare and hotel are included in the starting price as well. There are four people to a room for five nights. There is free WiFi in this resort. Let’s not forget to mention the gorgeous beach and the 300 square-meter pool to relax in!

partypackageThe other party package that GradCity offers is also called the Nassau Spring Break Gold City Pass and currently costs $140. GradCity has a Welcome Dinner! It will take place at Señor Frog’s which offers the perfect party atmosphere to kick off your awesome Spring Break! There will be dinner, dancing, conga lines, and tons of nonstop action! This pass includes two excursions: the Sandy Toes Island Party Adventure and the Sunset Party Cruise. The Sandy Toes excursion picks you up right from the dock at your hotel and you can cruise over to a private island that offers snorkeling, a buffet lunch, and drink discounts. The Sunset Party Cruise excursion is on a double-decker vessel with a DJ, dancing, and fun contests.

You can’t go wrong with the Bahamas for your graduation trip! With the awesome resorts, gorgeous beaches, and a sweet party pass you will have the time of your life. Create unforgettable memories with you and your high school friends before you head off into the next chapter of life, college!

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