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Summer Bucket List

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If you’re looking to have an awesome and unforgettable summer, take a look at this Summer Bucket List of 85 things to do and you’ll never get bored!

  1. Paintball
  2. Go roller-skatingdownload_(5)
  3. Laser tag
  4. Bowling
  5. Segway
  6. Have a spa day
  7. Have a party
  8. Draw chalk pictures on random people’s sidewalks
  9. Use an accent all day
  10. Write messages in note cards stick them in balloons and send them off
  11. Make a free compliments stand
  12. Movie marathon
  13. Make a music video
  14. Have a sleepover on the trampoline
  15. Go to the beach download
  16. Go to the water park
  17. Sew something
  18. Say yes to everything for a whole day
  19. Scavenger hunt
  20. Flash Mob 🙂
  21. Watch meteor shower
  22. Carve something into a tree
  23. Take a photo every day of the summer
  24. Sing a song and post it on YouTube
  25. Ellen’s Dance Dare
  26. Get over a fear
  27. Learn sign language
  28. Have a silly string fightdownload_(1)
  29. Go on sky deck
  30. Tie dye 🙂
  31. Super glue a quarter on the ground
  32. Break a world record
  33. Make a “I’m _ and you’re watching Disney Channel”
  34. Smash a pie in someone’s face
  35. Play hide and seek in a mall
  36. Write a diary
  37. Write a song
  38. Find out how many licks it take to get to the middle of a tootsie pop
  39. Play extreme Truth or Dare
  40. Read a sappy Nicholas Sparks book
  41. Create a life playlist
  42. Buy a fish and name it cat
  43. Make so many bracelets that they go up each arm
  44. Be a vegetarian for a week
  45. Make a time capsule
  46. Draw in shaving creamimages
  47. Cover something with inspiring sticky notes
  48. Learn to play volleyball
  49. Make crepes
  50. Catch fireflies
  51. Pay for something in all pennies
  52. Go to a museum
  53. Make a professional cake
  54. Go to the zoo
  55. See fireworks on the roof of a car
  56. Try something I’ve never done before
  57. See a midnight showing of a movie
  58. download_(2)Drive a golf cart
  59. Have a picnic
  60. Play outside at for a whole day two times a week
  61. Go to a carnival
  62. Invent something
  63. Volunteer
  64. Build a fire
  65. Keep my room somewhat clean 🙂
  66. Try to do yoga every morning
  67. make….SNOW CONES! yummm!!!
  68. Drive-in movie
  69. Go camping
  70. Do an experiment
  71. Fly a kite
  72. Learn to do origami
  73. Make garbage bag water balloondownload_(3)
  74. Watch a new TV series
  75. Solve a rubix cube
  76. Go to a store really late at night
  77. Bob for apples
  78. Make homemade cookies
  79. Go to China town 🙂
  80. Run a mile in less than 10 minutes
  81. Try a new sport
  82. Have a bonfire
  83. Get the cutest new school stuff (clothes, supplies, etc)
  84. Get a pool

What is on your Summer bucket list?