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The Do’s & Don’ts of Your High School Spring Break or Grad Trip

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Your high school Spring Break is quickly approaching and it can definitely be a tricky week to navigate. That’s where we come in. GradCity has been giving high school seniors the ultimate travel experience since before you were born. Over the years, we have definitely learned the essential do’s and don’ts when it comes to your high school Spring Break trip. Here are just a couple; we have a feeling will come in pretty handy ….


  • DO use the buddy system and stay with your group of friends at all times – no man left behind!
  • DO communicate with your parents. A phone call, text, Morse code, smoke signal, carrier pigeon; just something to let them know you’re alive.
  • DO bring all of your friends with you on your high school Spring Break trip. You want your best friends by your side while making memories of a lifetime.
  • DO pack sunscreen! Your pale winter skin is no match for the strong Caribbean sun and no one wants to be a lobster after the first day.
  • DO buy the party package if there is one offered for your trip, otherwise you’ll miss out on the best excursions, concerts, and day events!
  • DO pace yourself if you can legally drink in your high school Spring Break destination and be responsible.


  • DON’T let your friend leave the events alone. We require that every student have at least one friend with them before allowing them to leave any events.
  • DON’T feel pressured to drink if you are over the legal drinking age in your high school Spring Break destination.
  • DON’T over pack. All you really need is a bathing suit, some shorts, and clothes for the night events and you’re set.
  • DON’T miss your flight on the last day of your trip. Whatever you do, make sure you get on that plane.
  • DON’T be afraid to ask any of the on-site staff members for help if you need it. Whether you need a band aid or want to vent about your relationship drama, we’re here to help any way we can.
  • DON’T destroy your hotel room. Any damages that are caused will be charged against your deposit and we all know that you’re too broke to pay to fix a wall.

No matter what destination you end up in for your high school Spring Break or Grad Trip, these do’s and don’ts are applicable. Make sure you have the most amazing week of your life and don’t make any decisions that might ruin your trip. To get more information on a high school Spring Break or Grad Trip, click here or on the button below.

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