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Gotta Check’ Em All: Catch all the Pokemon with These Awesome Gadgets

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It has become a hit phenomenon with smart phone users. This once trending card game is now digital and people of all ages are playing. With these awesome tech gadgets and purchases you are sure to Catch ‘Em All.

1. A battery pack with more power and a light for when you get lost.

2. A 10-foot charging cord so you can continue to move and catch those rare Pokemon.

3. An Ash hat. Keep the sun out of your face, plus look freakin awesome!

4.Insect repellent is good because you’ll be out during those summer nights and getting eaten alive.

5. Get a LifeProof case. It will definitely help keep off dirt, rain and snow.

6. Get sunscreen on that skin.  The worst would be catching awesome Pokemon all day and coming home having a burn.

7. Basically this is a must so you can feel like a kid again.