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Ways to Make Cleaning Your Dorm Way More Fun

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Cleaning is always a chore. Only when it’s done does it feel good. While you’re going to college it’s not going to be any easier. Here are some things you can buy to make cleaning way more fun and not feel like a chore.

1. Table Top Vacuum 

A tabletop vacuum that will pig out on dust and crumbs.

But seriously how cute is this little guy? He will help clean up your table in no time.

2. Not-So-Silly Putty

It’s so daunting to try and clean a key board. This awesome goop gets into those awesome cracks.

3. Dish Scrubber Bubble Blower 

A bubble wand dish brush that turns doing the dishes into child's play.

If you have to do dishes while in college why not make it fun? This is a great purchase to bring out the kid in you.

4. A Sock Monkey Duster 

A sock monkey duster for chore-doers of all ages.

Dusting is the worst, but this little guy will get all your shelving and desk area with a swipe of your hand. Plus it’s kind of funny.

5. Retractable Hair Brush

A brush with retractable bristles that make removing the hair you shed way easier.

This one is for the ladies. It always sucks to try and clean out a hair brush. This will be your best friend so that every little stand of hair gets out of that brush.