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What You Didn’t Know: GradCity Parent Program

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Did you know that GradCity has a parent program that we offer for all of our High School Spring Break Trips and High School Grad Trips? It is usually known that we throw the best parties, send our celebrating seniors to the most beautiful tropical destinations, and offer an unbeatable package that ensures that planning your trip is as easy as possible. However, we want you to know just as much about our parent program as you do about the other aspects of our trips.

When it comes to high school Spring Break and high school Grad Trips, your parents are the ones who are going to be the deciding factor on whether or not you will be allowed to attend your Senior Trip with your graduating class.  Whether this is the first time you are hearing this, or you have been thinking this through and buttering up your parents for the last year hoping they will allow you to go, it is a fact that you need to accept.  

BUT, we’ve got great news.  We have known that parents are the key to ensuring your Senior Trip is nothing short of amazing for years! We would not be able to run the programs that we do unless we had the support of thousands of parents allowing their children to celebrate graduating college in a HUGE way! I mean after all, they cook your meals, drove you around for 16 years of your life, gave you countless hours of advice and support, and so much more!  Did you ever think that maybe they need a vacation too?

Allow us to introduce you to the GradCity Parent Program! Whether your parents want to go on the trip with you and stay at the same resort, or they are simply using your Senior Trip as an excuse to get away on their own,  the Parent Program is the perfect opportunity to do both! We allow parents to choose the same travel package as their child or purchase a separate one.

What is included in the GradCity Parent Program?

  • Round-trip airfare to international destinations
  • Transportation to and from the airport to the hotel
  • An optional adult excursion package where you can meet and mingle with other GradCity parents at pre-organized events
  • The option to stay in the action with the students or enjoying our exclusive parent resort

Chances are, your parents will love our Parent Program, so be the child of the year and show it to them! And while you are at it, thank them for everything they do for you.  After all, you wouldn’t even be thinking about going on a high school Spring Break or high school Grad Trip if they weren’t going to support it.

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