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Why Become a GradCity Group Organizer?

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Your senior trip is probably something that you’ve been looking forward to since your freshman year.  Chances are, you’ve watched all of the grades above you go on amazing senior trips and now the time has come to start planning yours!

If you want to be the one responsible for giving your senior class the best week of their lives, then you are the perfect person to organize your school’s Spring Break or Grad Trip.  Being a GradCity Group Organizer not only gets you all of the praise and credit for planning a trip that your classmates will never forget, it will get you exclusive GradCity Group Organizer benefits as well.  Check them out:

  • EXCUSIVE DISCOUNTS – the more people you get to go on your High School Spring Break or Grad Trip, the greater the discount you can earn!
  • VIP STATUS – Earn VIP status during your trip if your group is large enough!
  • FREE TRIP – Get enough people to go on your trip, and yours will be FREE!
  • FUTURE DISCOUNTS – Earn discounts on future trips with StudentCity when you go to college!
  • GIVEAWAYS – You can win cool stuff during your trip, depending on your Group Organizer status!

If you have a group of friends that wants to go on high school Spring Break or a high school Grad Trip, become a Group Organizer TODAY!  Click on the button below to start planning the trip of a lifetime.

Become a Group Organizer!

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